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  • Jesus Our Saviour: The Healer of Inner Brokenness 

    Atsu, Kplaku (Tangaza University College, 2012)
    The idea to undertake this research on the topic of healing of inner brokenness came to birth on two different planes: one personal and the other academic. On the personal level, I discovered through Dr. Whitfield’s ...
  • Jesus’ ‘I Am’ Sayings in the Gospel of John A Key to Understanding the Christ-Event 

    Nuzagl, Kuupine Timothy (Tangaza University College, 2014)
    Throughout the Gospel of John, the author appears to attach a lot of importance to the use of the statement “I AM” such that it begs the attention of any critical reader. In several instances Jesus describes himself ...
  • The Update(Welcome Back) January 2015 

    Tangaza University College (Tangaza University College, 2015-01)
    Warmest best wishes for 2015! As we all know, Tangaza is undergoing many important changes. We began this academic year with a new Development Officer (Eric Njoroge) and Marketing Officer (Beatrice Muchugiah). The ...
  • Tangaza Update ( A happy 2007) 

    Tangaza University College (Tangaza University College, 2007)
  • Tangaza Update 

    Tangaza University College (Tangaza University College, 2005)
    Peace and greetings to you from Tangaza College Update Editorial Team and wishing all the best in the New Year. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to apologize for the delay in the production of the Update ...

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