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  • Liberating Africa: A Missionary Challenge 

    Alegbemi, Martin Kehinde (Tangaza University College, 2000)
    Standing on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, panning round, one sees a continent in distress. Looking north, south, cast and west, one sees and hears of hunger, war, famine, starvation, ...
  • Let Love Be Genuine: An Analysis of Romans 12: 9 - 21 and Its Application To Christian Religious Community Life. 

    Mwingwa, Emilio G. (Tangaza University College, 2000-02)
    Love for God and neighbour is the essence of the whole law. This was categorically stated by our Lord Jesus Christ in answer to a scribe, who sought to know which was the first of all the commandments (Mk. 12:28 - 34). ...
  • Instilling Discipline In Students through Educators As Paradigms 

    Anyango, Phoebe (Tangaza University College, 2000-05)
    Learning institutions have many problems related to discipline. Most of the cases are a cross-section of what is happening world-wide. The situation might be alarming. Nevertheless, a remedy can always be found. This ...
  • Inculturation in the African Independent Churches 

    Nabuba, Pascoal John (Tangaza University College, 2000-02)
    For many years the African Independent Churches have been seen as the antagonists of the Catholic Church and indeed of all Mission Churches. The attitude of the Catholics towards their brothers and sisters of the African ...
  • How to Improve Learning Performance of Primary School Pupils 

    Ologbenl, Emmanuel Ade (Tangaza University College, 2000-05)
    Motivation is a primary key to learning in any institution. Both the learned (teacher) and learner (pupil) must be eager to learn, because learning is continuous from "womb to tomb." In this research, I have examined the ...

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